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Jupiter29 viewsTaken with a very fast shutter speed, I was able to reduce the glare enuff that you can make out one of the cloud bands on Jupiter. It is running vertically from top to bottom near the center of the planet.
Jupiter and moons24 viewsJupiter and 4 of her moons. Dan figured Europa on top; Io & Callitso are on top of each other just bellow Jupiter; and Ganymede at the bottom.
Moon 128 viewsEarth's nearest natural moon, Luna.
Das Muun23 viewsAin't she pretty??
Moon 321 viewsThe sky is almost completely dark. You can still make out a hint of blue in the sky.
Moon 425 viewsThe Moon just before sundown. Notice the sky is still blue.
Jupiter and Moons Negative21 viewsJupiter and moons as a negative to allow the viewing easier
Moon Enhanced20 viewsImage enhanced with Paint Shop Pro.
Jupiter Enhanced21 viewsJupiter enhanced with Paint Shop Pro. Looks like a hint of red in the cloud bands.
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