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PICT0003 (Medium).JPG
The Camera gets turned on50 viewsThe first "Up" picture
PICT0060 (Medium).JPG
Connecting the Science Package22 viewsFinal preparations for Launch
PICT0072 (Medium).JPG
Final Adjustments21 viewsDad making final adjustments - Dan's head poking up above the mirror
PICT0114 (Medium).JPG
Launch!28 views0800am EDT
PICT0309 (Medium).JPG
Bigger and Darker26 viewsThe balloon is expanding as the air gets thinner - Altitude c 51,000 ft
PICT0393 (Medium).JPG
Bigger and Darker Still...32 viewsThe blue of the sky gives way to the black of space - Alt c 67,000 ft
PICT0543 (Medium).JPG
Balloon Burst (1)28 viewsImmediately before balloon burst
PICT0546 (Medium).JPG
Balloon Burst (2)30 viewsImmediately after balloon burst
PICT0564 (Medium).JPG
Getting whipped around25 viewsRough ride as the package descends through the jet stream
PICT0576 (Medium).JPG
Shredded Balloon gets in the Picture38 viewsWhat remains of the burst balloon tumbles around the entire package
PICT0666 (Medium).JPG
Life is Good26 viewsAs the air gets thicker, the package settles into a nice easy descent - Alt c 26,000 ft
PICT0786 (Medium).JPG
Almost Home24 viewsImmediately before landing (in the tree)
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